Sentinel G2+ 3×50 NV Riflescope Night Vision Riflescope




The Sentinel G2+ 3×50 NV Riflescope from Pulsar is a lightweight rugged night vision riflescope useful for target acquisition and precise aiming. The Gen 2+ intensifier tube features 45 lp/mm resolution; using the integrated IR illuminator, this scope will deliver high contrast images in complete darkness. Use the IR illumination device to paint the field of view with infrared light, maximizing situational awareness and extending the visible range of your weapon sight.

This configuration of the Sentinel G2+ series has 3x magnification with an 11 degree field of view, ideal for short and mid-range engagements where maintaining situational awareness is essential. A shuttered eyecup and low profile design allow the operator to remain covert posture in hostile environments. This weather-resistant image intensification device is engineered to perform in a range of conditions from the battlefield to the wilderness.


Image Intensifier

Gen 2+ image intensifier tube boasts 45 lp/mm, delivering improved clarity compared to previous night vision generations.

Lens System

Multicoated lenses ensure that this night vision device will transmit clear images with bright contrast. 3x magnification delivers an 11 degree field of view, ideal for precise targeting at short to intermediate-range while maintaining situational awareness.

Covert Operation

A shuttered eyepiece and low profile design help operators maintain a covert posture and ensure a tactical advantage in the field.

Scope Features

Soft rubber objective cap is permanently fixed on the lens body, preventing it from being misplaced. Crosshair reticle has a range finding scale, making for easy adjustments when targeting at a variety of distances. You can also select between red and green reticle colors.