Artemis Artemis 2100 3-12×50 4C Reticle




Low-light big-game hunting scope.

Wild Boar, Roe Buck, Red Deer…take your pick.  The Meopta Artemis 2100 3-12×50 is the ideal choice for all of your big-game hunting needs.  From dawn to dusk and beyond, the Advanced Illumination Technology with seven-levels of low-light intensity makes taking the trophy shot that much easier.Featuring a solid steel, 30mm main tube with first focal plane reticle placement the Artemis 2100 3-12×50 will allow you to take the best shot in any condition.

The Artemis 2100 riflescope series differs from the Artemis 2000 by being fitted with an etched reticle featuring an illuminated center dot in the middle of our standard #4 reticle. The control mechanism of the lit reticle is a third turret situated on the left hand side (when looking from the eyepiece) of the central cube. The light intensity can be changed in in intervals by a rotating sleeve in the range 1-7. On the edge positions and interpositions (indicated by a dot) the illumination is off.