QR 30mm Rings, Low, Matte – 51717




The Leupold QR 30mm Low Matte Rings offers the ability to remove the scope from the rifle and reattach it without the loss of zero (within 1/2 MOA). Machined steel construction – Supremely-close machining tolerances.


Features of the Leupold Quick Release 30mm Low Matte Rings

  • Promises repeatable accuracy.
  • Turn the lever forward and an eccentric on the lever shaft engages the base of the ring, pulling it down and forward on the base, locking it solidly into its zero� position.
  • The key is super-close machining tolerances at the heart of the patented lever mechanism.
  • The strength of machined steel construction.

Product Specifications for the Leupold Quick Release 30mm Low Matte Rings

  • Ring Diameter (mm): 30
  • Height (in): 0.65