Scope-Mounted 75W 140mm Spotlight – NH140




Nighthunter 140mm scope-mounted spotlight. 1/4 million candella. Includes scope mounting bracket and ring for 1″ and 30mm scope tubes, coiled cord, car cigarette lighter fitting, 12v 75w Xenophot lamp.


A robust professional lighting range featureing an adjustable focus system. Zero-in on small targets with precision clarity or progressively flood broad areas with brilliant light merely by rotation of the reflector housing.The use of mounting systems allows the hunter independence, no longer relying on someone else to ‘hold’ the spotlight. Freedom from the frustration of the light source being moved off the target just when you are about to take the shot making the feature packed LightForce System the choice of experienced shooters worldwide.


  • Quick Release 1″ or 30mm scope mount included
  • Unique recoil absorption system
  • In line switch
  • Lightweight, will not affect firearm balance or point of impac
  • Lamp Reflector housing rotates to easily tailor light beam pattern to suit the users requirements, flood light or spot light
  • Quality On/Off switch for user comfort and durability
  • 5/16 BSW robust brass ferrule for mounting options
  • Ergonomically balanced handle for superior handling with user friendly texture to ensure ‘no-slip’ in adverse conditions
  • High specification bulbs to ensure unequalled brightness
  • Lanyard securing point for extra security
  • 3.6 metre coil cord with cigarette lighter