UB3T Invictus Variable-Output LED Flashlight




he UB3T Invictus Variable-Output LED Flashlight from Surefire is an 1000-lumen maximum output LED light designed for tactical professionals. The CombatGrip configuration has a reduced mid-section diameter and a rubber grip ring that facilitates comfortable use with standard and the modified Rogers/SureFire flashlight/handgun technique. This innovative body shape is also useful for maintaining a secure grip in cold or wet conditions, even when wearing gloves. SureFire’s TurboHead Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens produces a large pre-focused beam that has a tight center cone of bright light, with a dimmer ring on the periphery to help maintain situational awareness.

The Invictus features the Max-Blast tactical tailcap switch and an output selector-ring forward of the handle. Rotate the selector ring to choose off, strobe, SOS or one of eight beam intensity levels from 2 to 1000 lumens. The Max-Blast switch works similar to most two-stage tactical tailcap switches by offering momentary activation by pressing the pushbutton or constant-on with a twist of the tailcap. What sets the Max-Blast apart is that no matter what output the flashlight is set to, fully pressing or twisting instantly activates the 1000-lumen output. In tactical situations, the benefit of this is obvious.

For emergency signaling, the SOS mode will constantly cycle through the Morse code sequence. Its strobe mode is designed as a less-than-lethal option to disorientate and temporarily blind. The light also has two lock-out features, on the tailcap and selector-ring, to prevent accidental activation during transport or when strict light discipline must be maintained.

Designed for durability, the light features a weatherproof O-ring and gasket sealed Mil-Spec anodized aluminum body with a tempered and anti-reflection coated lens window. A battery-level indicator on the selector ring enables confident power management.

Light Performance

  • Low: 2 lumens
  • High: 1000 lumens
  • White LED emitter
  • Six additional power levels
  • SOS mode for distress signaling
  • Strobe mode can cause temporarily blindness or disorientate
  • Turbohead Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens produces a large, smooth, pre-focused beam with a bright center cone of light and a dimmer ring on the periphery


  • Location: Tailcap
  • Type: Tactical two-stage Max-Blast
  • Shroudless pushbutton switch for comfortable, easy use
  • Output selector ring behind head controls 8 brightness settings, strobe and SOS
  • Press pushbutton or twist tailcap to activate selected output. Press or twist further to activate Max-Blast maximum output
  • Selector ring constant-on mode: tighten tailcap, then control constant-on with all outputs including strobe, SOS and off
  • Max-Blast still enabled using selector ring constant-on mode by pressing pushbutton
  • Max-Blast does not work with selector ring in strobe or SOS mode
  • Dual lock-out features on tailcap and selector ring prevents accidental activation

Construction Details

  • 2.5″ diameter bezel
  • Aluminum alloy housing
  • Mil-Spec hard anodized finish
  • Weatherproof, O-rings and gasket seals
  • Designed for standard and Rogers/SureFire flashlight-handgun technique
  • Anti-reflective coated and tempered glass window
  • Battery level indicator on selector ring